Graduation poem card for my niece

It seems like a year ago my niece was the gullible, bouncy two year old in our lives. A couple of weeks ago she graduated from high school, which is sobering. She’s about to enter the world of adults, dreams, failures and legacies. Excitement isn’t the word I feel for her, as she is a special woman. Woman. Wow.

Anyway, I hacked this poem out to put in her graduation card.


Appreciate your high school memories, your loves, your hates and your adventures, but Look Forward.

The seemingly unplanned rolling of life has tried to capsize you already. Learn from the up waves, but enjoy the down waves while you Look Forward.

Ruts happen to everyone, and hinder our life joy. Pull yourself out and Look Forward.

Regret is a vicious cycle of unending temptation. Learn about, love and cherish yourself. Look Forward.

Love is a wonderful, addicting, undulating ride of emotions. Don’t fear loving yourself or others. Look Forward.

Wrap yourself in the knowing that you are you. A special, exceptional and loved human being. Look Forward.

Your family is the constant, unwavering, unconditional anchor in life. Times will try to push, pull, drive the anchor, but Look Forward.

Life will be full of happenings, pauses and distractions. Take the time to appreciate the randomness of life, but Look Forward.

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