Windows Draw 6 by Micrografx support and help – abandonware

Software is a funny thing. You get used to using something and you never move on. Such is the case with me and Windows Draw by Micrografx. Somehow I started using it in the late 1990s, probably 1996, and have used it ever since as my drawing program. I’ve look at newer programs like Corel Draw, but they are tougher to use. Windows Draw is a simple program, easy to use and does what I need. The problem is it’s no longer made. What I am saying? Windows Draw isn’t even supported anymore.

Micrografx was bought by Sierra, which then sold the program to Corel. Corel has long since ceased any development of the program and now Micrografx Windows Draw is abandonware. Luckily, I still have my original CDs dated 1996 and they install fine under Windows XP.

Today I had a mini-panic episode. When Doom 3 came out I bought a new PC and of course I didn’t move all the programs over. Today I needed to create a graphic, but I couldn’t find the Windows Draw CDs. I hunted all over and an hour after the search began my wife found them. Gotta love the wife. During my search I looked on the internet to see if I could find someone who had the originals for download. No one had them, but I did come across some great resources.

The first site I came across was a forum post talking about support issues with Windows Draw. They detailed how to install, where to find patches and more. There are three patches for Windows Draw that are important. The first is fix60.exe, which allows people who experience a time limit bug to get around it. The second is wd6updat.exe, which addresses some minor bug issues. The last one is wdrawdll.exe, which replaces one of the core DLLs. The ironic thing is that these are located on a Sierra FTP site.

The second site I came across was on and is titled Windows Draw User Resources. The author has put together a list of places to find help and to discuss the program. She also lets you know about other draw programs that might take the place of Windows Draw. I tried a few and they don’t live up to the ease of use.

If you check on eBay you can find a few copies of the program for sale, but don’t count on any official support. I’ve since made triplicate copies of the CD in case I lose them again.

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  1. I have micrografx windows draw 6 plus the ceate a card .The problem is I cant install it on XP .I’ve been told it’s because of an update .So If anyone can fix the prob for me I will be happy to burn them a copy of Micrografx windows draw 6 . April 2011

  2. Hi, I’ve got micrografx windows draw 6 premier edition, print studio. I installed it yesterday on my old laptop with win XP. No problems. Wonderful program. Have you tried to install on a different pc? I could possibly post a (large) .iso-file somewhere.

    1. My desktop crashed…had all my files back-up in free agent. I tried to open the files but can’t. I had windows draw 6 special edition.
      Is there another program that will support and open the files. I still have the cd but it won’t install on my new laptop. Need the files ASAP. Help Anyone? Thank You

  3. My desktop crashed…had all my files back-up in free agent. I tried to open the files but can’t. I had windows draw 6 special edition.
    Is there another program that will support and open the files. I still have the cd but it won’t install on my new laptop. Need the files ASAP. Help Anyone? 😉 Thank You

  4. I agree – one is forced to move on – how frustrating when you are comfortable with one programme. I love my Micrografx Draw and cannot let go, never mind that Corel Draw Graphics sells for +- R7000, a ridiculous price if someone relys on a small income making business cards etc to have to change. Even if you have made a back up you are forced to use Corel Draw as far as I understand. I would like to fine something similar, cost effective and easy to use – any suggestions.

  5. I have a copy of Micrografx Windows Draw 6 Premier Edition Print Studio – love it! However I just bought a new system Windows 7 doesn’t not take the program…can anyone out there please refer a program like Micrografx (.drw) that I can still use and also maintain my art creations? Please advise….Thank you!

  6. I just purchased a new computer, and tried to load Windows Draw 6 Premier Edition Print Studio. Got a message that Windows Draw is not compatable with Windows 7 64bit. It would be nice to find a patch that would work around this, but I doubt if one exists. Luckily, I still have my old computer, and can hook it up and run Windows Draw from there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Roger and all others looking for Windows Draw help. I too purchased a new computer with Windows 7 and panic, panic…. I make greeting cards and I was locked into a new computer without my old favourite tools. I have just now managed to fix the problem. I actually put the disk in and typed in ‘setup’ and to cut a long story short so that you can download yours, it takes you to automatically download ‘ Draw’. From there it was basic in a matter of steps. I also read this following article which may be of help too.

      Use Compatibility Mode
      Does your favorite XP application have problems working in Windows 7? You can often make them work anyway by using Compatibility mode to trick the application into thinking it’s running on a previous version of Windows. Tip: This really helps when you’re trying to get a video game working.

      Let me know how you go.


      Using Windows 7 or Vista Compatibility Mode

      1. Hi Jan, thanks for replying to my message above. I was able to download “ Draw, and found it very simular to Windows Draw 6. But it is not nearly as easy to use as Windows Draw 6. Plus. all of my projects that I made using Windows Draw 6 cannot be transferred to this program. I have many hours involved in Windows Draw, and I hate the thought of having to redo all of them using OpenOffice Draw.

        I would like to try using Windows 7 Compatibility Mode, but am not familure with it, and don’t know where to find it in Windows 7. Can you give me any clues on how to find it and use it? I greatly appreciate your help.


  7. Same here, I rely heavily on Draw- 1000’s of old files that I need to reference/ edit.
    I have it running now on Windows 7 pro in two limited ways;

    Installing virtual PC and XP mode (available only to pro version) lets you run it in an emulated OS….
    BUT the color quality is limited to 16bit?! the file sharing bewteen each OS is a pain and it’s slow to load/close…

    I tried transferring all installed files (inc. 4 MGX().dll files residing in windows and windows/system) to the new machine,
    everything runs perfectly except the visual toolbar and effects are missing….
    The annoying thing is, the program obviously can work fine, just some compatibility screw up at Microsoft prevents it’s use… if i can get the missing parts working I’ll post

  8. I am glad to have found this site. I too am a great fan of Micrografx Draw 6 for all the reasons mentioned in the posts above. I hope to get a new computer soon with Windows 7 . . . mostly because I want to keep up with my students. If there is a way to continue to use the Application in Windows 7 I’d be very interested. Thanks for all the information shared.

  9. Hi everyone. Have read all that has been said and am surprised, but very pleased, by how many people want to keep hold of this program. Like you, I have used nothing but Draw since 1998 and happily loaded it through ALL upgrades (95,98,XP and Vista) with no problems….until now! {Windows 7). As suggested, I have tried to run this in compatability mode for ALL the OS that I have used it on, but with no joy. BUT, some news is at hand. If you have Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate, then you can download ‘Virtual PC’ with ‘XP Mode’ – from the Microsoft Website – and Windows Draw WILL run perfectly using that. 😀 Unfortunately, those of us who are running Windows 7 Home Premium, will have to decide whether the extra cost is worth it.Hope this helps some of you out because Windows Draw is easiest and, because of this, the most awesome graphics program I have used. LONG LIVE WINDOWS DRAW! 😀

    1. Long time user of Windows Draw, and if you want to go even farther back, an earlier product from Micrografx called In*A*Vision, and its followup tech drawing tool, Designer. I have Draw 6 working well on a Vista machine but have not tried it on Win 7. An alternative to the Win 7 virtual PC solution is to get a free copy of VirtualBox from This will let you set up an XP virtual machine as long as you can find an old XP install CD with its authorization code. I have an XP virtual machine running on my MacBook Pro, and it works like a charm for the few old Win programs that I still need.

  10. run adobe reader 4 before running micrografx, and that allows it to run without crashing. I”m running good old version 6. I think its true, we get attached to all our old apps that we grow to love and can’t live without!!

  11. Micrografx Draw 6. I installed it on Windows 7. It installs fine but when you try yo run/open the program, a windows comes up saying that a problem has kept the program from working and forces it closed! I love Micrografx Draw 6, and upset about this. It worked fin on all other windows (95,98,xp).

  12. Draw 6 was my first graphics program and I love it. I made the mistake of letting my son borrow it and he promptly lost the application CD. No problem. I had it on my computer and still had the other two disks until my computer had a serious melt down. All I need is a copy of the application disc. Does anyone have an extra? I did find a replacement on E-Bay but they wanted $85. I’m an old lady and don’t have an extra $85. Anyone have a spare copy I cam buy. When I find one, I, like Peter Smart will have a much more computer save make me a spare too

  13. Hi all Draw lovers!
    I’m as well a daily user of this wonderful program. I have Draw 6 in danish with the best manual ever made, but had problems using it in Windows 7 Pro 32-bit (I will try the wirtual-PC). But I also have WindowsDraw 7 (Sierra’s Complete Office???) in the english version and it functions well with Windows 7 (little problem with saving templates).
    If anyone is interested, I will send the programs for free, if you tell me how this can be done without signing up to anything.

  14. Wow, and I thought I was the last remaining sole on the planet who still used this relic of a program! I say that with all the respect in the world because I don’t know what I would do without it. I create websites and posters in my spare time and it’s what I’ve used since my college days between ’98 and ’02. To this day it’s the only draw program I have ever used.

    As was posted originally in this article I had a similiar experience. 30 minutes ago I thought I lost my CD-ROM of Micrografx Windows Draw 6 Special Edition Print Studio. My computer got a nasty virus so I brought it into my trusted computer repair guy and forgot to ask him to save that program. I was freaking out because I couldn’t remember where I put the CD-ROM. Well lucky for me it was in with my other old CD-ROMs that I’m sure I’ll never use again. Not this one though!

    If anyone is in need of a copy of the program I would be happy to send it to you, however after a quick search it looks like you can get it for free online. Just run a search for “micrografx windows draw free download” and quite a few come up.

  15. I see my import paperwork for Webtricity Suite, which included the old Micrografx Draw – the only bit I wanted, is from 2001! I used it a lot including for diagrams in publications.

    I, too, upgraded to Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit recently and now I can’t load Draw onto the computer. I have seen the idea of upgrading to Windows 7 Premium (for money) and then downloading the free Windows XP Compability setup but there is no mention of whether it works on a 64-bit system or does it still need the old 32-bit operating environment, or is that what the compatability setup actually takes care of?

    The other alternative is to have your old operating system installed as well. Then you can choose which one to run on start-up if you want to run old programs. It might be adviseable to disconnect from the net when doing that if you worry about security issues.

    Can anyone advise or comment on this? Its a pity, it is such a great program and i think it should be saved.

  16. I started using Micrografx Draw 3 (installed from like 9 floppy disks) for work back in about 1994. I got used to it and its the best software out there for 99% of the stuff I do. I purchased my own copy of Win Draw 6 a few years ago and lent the originals out to a Coworker who’s son was thinking of getting into design in college. Never got them back. All I’ve had are my copies I made. I just bought Sierra Micrografx Publisher 99 which supposedly has Draw 7 on it. I tried to install on Win7 to no avail. I’m not going to mess around with VM’ing this 64bit machine so I’m going to have another computer running Win XP…..but then I run into file sharing problems on my network between XP and 7. Can’t win. Still not changing though. Micrografx is worth the hassle! 🙂

  17. Hello,

    I am a French teacher technology. I use windows draw from the 90s to layout my classes. Like you, I’ve had problems with 7 64 bit. I used 2 solutions. The first is to install virtualbox and Windows XP and draw. I still have the CD. The second is to use virtualization software like cameyo to virtualize the software on a computer compatible. This version cameyo works in 64 bits.
    I have the files if it interests you.


  18. So happy to find this site! I’ve got an original disk (and will upload the software if someone will tell me how to do that), but my problem is that I’ve been using Micrografx Draw for months on a newly purchased, but used, Dell XP. Suddenly, when I double click on the icon, I get a box that opens and says, “Windows Draw Application has encountered a problem and needs to close.” I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still get the same message.

    Has anyone ever encountered this? Any suggestions?


    1. Hy, i have a similar problem, with the difference, that i dont have the original disk(misplaced somewhere).
      Probably i can help you, if you help me.
      I presume, that you have a burning software, like Nero or Roxio, etc…
      With that you can make an iso image of the cd.
      If you can not, than simply create a zip archive from the content of the cd.
      Upload the iso image or the zip archive to
      When the upload had finished, post here the bold written download link, after the
      “The link or URL you must send to the recipient(s) of your file(s) is:”
      It will be something like this:
      Thanks in advance

  19. Iam an addicted Micrografx Window Draw 6 fan I have been using my program since 1998 going through various software last being XP 32 bit but at the computer’s last upgrade I went to Windows 7 64 bit as well as upgrade of HDD, Ram and Processor. You guest it Draw 6 will not load. I loaded Virtuale Box for Windows Host, proceeded to load the program and all I have is a black screen and the message FATAL NO BOOTABLE MEDIUM FOUND SYSTEM HALTED . Tried this many times with no luck with disc in or out D drive. I am not in market for expensive programs like Coreldraw as my needs are simple so easy to use appeals, if there any other similar products on the market let me know.
    So if you can help please do.

  20. I have Windows Draw 6 program and have it working on Windows Vista and believe it or not, on Windows 8 but the install disk will not load on Windows 7 64-bit. (I loaded Win 8 over Vista on older HP). I will try some mentioned procedures to get it installed in Win 7 as that is my primary desktop. Thanks for advice tips.

  21. My Micrografx Draw 6 crash every time i open it.
    I have more than 130 saved projects, now unopenable.
    I misplaced the install cd, so i can not reinstall.
    Please give me the link for download the WINDRAW_6A.ISO.

    1. Oh, children. I have been using MGX since I bought a copy on stiffys way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, but one disk was corrupted and I couldn’t load it anymore. A few years ago I was given a CD which saved my sanity, and I am still using Draw. Problem, I need to create / convert some files to a known CNC (dxf etc.) format. Does anyone know how?

  22. I love love love Micrografx draw ver 7 from Sierra. I think that Corel was so criminally nuts to drop support for it. It’s intuitive. All of the other drawing programs are counter-intuitive and therefore counterproductive. I can run it on Windows 10 and Windows Vista. I also run it on Windows 7 Pro in Windows 10 virtual mode. I use it to draw antenna construction projects on my web site, Take a look there for the section on home made antennas. It’s fun. I have learned how to do a lot of stuff with it. I can take a picture and overlay my own images and or text over top. I use it to make printed circuit films and schematic drawings. Wow, variable thickness lines, arrows, and other dimension lines. I can save the images as vector images and also as bit mapped images which I can import into MS Word or other MS documents of the type found in the Office programs. I love to write how-to-do-it articles and so this is by far my most favorite tool for that. I just wish that one of the software manufacturers would take this as a clue there is need for something similar. I don’t need the abilities of Corel or other programs which can make complex shading and shadows, I just want to have a set of tools that will allow me to do just as I have been doing. This is perfect, don’t clutter the heck out of it and spoil it for someone who wants to make explanations for others by using simple diagrams. I got my package for $20 via eBay several years back. Not sure what operating system but sort of think it was Windows 98. Nice to be able to tell you my experience.

  23. I use Micrografx Draw 6 on my mom’s old XP machine. I use it for just about any graphic image work including the animated gif on this website – and this one as for business cards and signs.. I used it for my banner, my car signs and cards.

    I have Adobe Dreamweaver Suite but I still go back to Micrografx for my image, text, drawing needs. I did have it installed in Virtual Machine but decided I liked it better on it’s own computer so I can keep using my dual monitors for my web design.

    Glad there are still some people out there using the program.. I install the whole disk onto the drive so I don’t have to put the CD in.

    Anybody have any questions about how I use it feel free to e-mail me at

    Thanks, Bob Mideke

  24. I too have been using this prog for yonks and would like to make curved text. Looked through the help files but can ‘t seem to make head or tail of them.previously I have been making curved text in another prog and exporting it into windows draw 6 but would like to get to grips with making it in 6 . Can anyone please explain it in easy terms?

  25. I use the business card portion of Micrografx Draw 6 and I’d like to be able to convert these files to .eps or .ai because that’s what the printers like.

    I have been converting them to .psd because it’s the best I can get to work.

    Problem is then it’s a bitmap instead of a line drawing which does tend to lose some of it’s high qualities.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Please e-mail me your work arounds for this problem

    Unfortunateley nobody supports .drw files and most people have never heard of Draw 6.

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